Where it all started….

Food has always played a special part of bringing everyone together while growing up in the Nwokolo household.

My Mum was and is still a wonderful cook specialising in Nigerian cuisine and pastry. She had trained as a Pastry chef and used these skills to create celebration cakes as a business for a number of years until she opened her African clothes shop in Brixton. I was always with her in the kitchen helping her with the preparations which I found fascinated although my siblings thought it was a chore. I would always ask questions as to why she was using that ingredient and why she was using that technique and I remember at that young age trying to absorb as much information and at the same time a bonding experience with my Mum.

At special holidays such as Christmas, New Years and Easter, while Dad was in the sitting room playing Shinu Peters, my Mum would gather all the sisters together to start the exciting process of making Fruit cake (A recipe from A Delia Smith book), Moin-Moin and Chin-Chin (Sweet Fried Process). This was always a memorable experience, especially when making Chin-Chin, because everybody lovedddd getting involved with making Chin-Chin. The reason being was after the dough had been made and kneaded, my mum would cut a piece out for each of us, and we were then allowed to create any shapes of what we wanted to get fried. And then we finally got to eat our own creations.

This always brings a smile to my face when I think back to my childhood and is one of the reasons why I continue to make Chin-Chin for family and friends on special occasions. It is also one of the reasons we started to sell our Chin-Chin too. Family and Friends would share this tasty snack as an ideal refreshment with their friends who loved it and would then want to order it from us. Amoeji Food was then born.

Chin-Chin is typically crunchy and quite hard to bite into however having combined the knowledge my Mum gained from pastry school and years of experience, we have created a tasty recipe that is popular with family and friends and would now we cannot wait to share with you too!!

We have five flavours which includes, the original flavour which is the plain, cinnamon, cocoa and vanilla, nutmeg and coconut. I am sure you would love all or maybe at a minimum one.

I hope you will try out one of the flavours and let us know what you think!!

Ijeoma Nwokolo - Founder and Director