Chin-Chin: Nutmeg Flavour

Amoeji Food’s Nutmeg flavour has and fruity aromatic taste and with the delicious smell it can put you in the holiday spirit


Flavour: Nutmeg

Sizes available: 150g and 300g

Ingredients: Self Raising Flour, Caster Sugar, Egg, Butter, Milk, Sunflower Oil, Nutmeg

Detailed description:  The way I love nutmeg is quite different to Cinnamon. Although they are both warm spices there is something quite different about nutmeg which reminds me of Christmas time, mulled wine and warm ascents. I feel it adds a different dimension to our Chin-Chin which is an earthy warm sweetness adding an exciting note to your taste buds.

I do get quite a lot of requests for both the Nutmeg and Cinnamon flavour during the autumn and winter season however when Christmas season starts the Nutmeg order surpasses our Cinnamon .

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